Cryptocurrency Course for Beginners: Module 1


Module Overview

Cryptocurrency course for beginners is all about the basics. So the primary purpose of this course is to help you pursue digital and financial transformation through cryptocurrencies. Get ready for a fast-paced journey and let’s jump right in!  

Proceed with caution as this course will reshape your perception of the financial system and your role in it. We advise you to use the information provided in this course wisely.

2015 PwC Consumer Cryptocurrency Survey
2015 PwC Consumer Cryptocurrency Survey

In this module, you will learn about the core technicalities and features of the first decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin and its off-springs. At the end of each lesson, you will complete a short quiz to review what you’ve learned. Likewise, you will be required to complete the final test.

Course Content

Total learning: 41 lessons / 10 quizzes


Maria Popova is a freelancer and entrepreneur who started following the crypto-agenda in 2014 when she was asked to write about bitcoin for a news website. As a non-techie person, she was fascinated by the chain reaction of disruptive inventions initiated by cryptocurrencies, and the rise of new market opportunities. For this course, Maria has blended her personal user experience and expertise with the most up-to-date research and study materials into a comprehensible narration.


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In this course,  you will learn about the cryptocurrency basics such as bitcoin, the blockchain, and various aspects of their functioning. Get ready to embrace the digital and the financial transformation through disruption!